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What is ExVis?

ExVis is a unique product among today's music visualisers (visual programs that react to music in various ways). It generates beautiful images with the quality approaching one of painted art. These captivating live visuals can be displayed on a screen or projected on any surface. With their movements synched perfectly to the tune and rhythm of music they attract instant attention..

Where it is used.

ExVis provides endless entertainment for home users, clubs, concerts, restaurants, offices, waiting rooms and other venues. It can be used anywhere where you want to display a live and artistic visual complement to music.

Experience ExVis.

Example still images taken while ExVis was playing can be viewed here although they are static and do not do full justice to this product.

You are also invited to download the trial version of ExVis for free!

Last update: March 12 2008. New presets

Colors and materials reworked, more presets